New project: mission board

By | 22 May 2017

[:en]Have you seen this project ? For his kids, Jeff Highsmith has build a mission control desk. So amazing! If I was between 5 and 8 years old, I would want the same ! So, since my kids are now 6 and 3, I want to do them something like that, something they can play with, they can project themselves and imagine stories where they are piloting spaceships (or being at the Space Command Center, or even pretending being a secret spy that need to defuse a bomb…). Anyway, I must build them something like that !!

Something smaller. And not too expensive (let’s say around 80€, including touch screen, a lot of boutons and display, and a joystick to play games).

And I want this to be easily transportable. And be able to serve as a game console (so with a screen, joystick and some push buttons). And be used as a fun computer if when they want to learn programming…

So this is the plan: I will design something that can fit in a case, and this website will serve as a blog for this project. I will try to post pictures, scheme and code, so that anyone can do the same learn from my experience and mistakes, and make a better mission control desk for its kids[:]